woman and black dog sitting on railway tracks

Meet Jetty.

Jetty was found alone as a pup wandering in the hills of the Byron Shire. He was fortunate to be taken in by a local foster family but was on borrowed time as they had plans to move to Canada. Thankfully he got to work and charmed his way into the heart of their neighbour, was adopted, and got to enjoy daily walks on the beach between Byron and Belongil. Life was good. He had found his fur-ever home.

Hello, I’m Nikki.

I am a naturopath who took a fateful trip to Byron Bay one weekend, and spent the night sleeping on a friends couch. When I woke in the morning I quite unexpectedly met Jetty, and his human. That was the day I also found my forever home.

Together we enjoyed beach walks, soccer games (Jetty is REALLY good at dribbling - check out the videos if you don’t believe me!), and the sunshine, surf and good vibes of Byron Bay.


The first time Jetty was unwell, I was at a loss, I had never owned a dog before, so off we went to the vet. Coming home with a prescription for anti-inflammatories a lightbulb went off... I wouldn’t neglect my health until I was sick and then visit a doctor for drugs, so why am I doing this for Jetty? If I can treat myself and others naturally, preventatively and supportively why should it be any less for this beautiful creature that I love so much?

This is was the moment Pet Potions and Remedies was born.


fresh fruit and vegetables on wooden chopping board

It started with diet, no surprises really, as a naturopath it ALWAYS starts with diet(!!) and the realisation the even most of the ‘good’ pet foods were really not very good at all. There has been lots of reading, lots of research, lots of seminars, online courses, chats with holistic vets, and home experiments.



What has made this really REAL however is noticing how many more people are coming into the dispensary asking about natural pet care. People who want alternative options, who request herbal and homeopathic remedies made for their pets, for skin care, joint care, tummy upsets, diarrhoea, depression, anxiety, tick bites, muscle strains, you name it.

No I am not a vet. Yes I highly recommend that in an accident or emergency situation you go see one, we do. But when it comes to the daily aches and pains, the stress and anxiety, the emotional trauma, the tummy upsets, farting, itchy skin, and general malaise there is so much you can do to support your animals health naturally, gently, and without the need for adding more toxins into their already overloaded systems.

Supportive health, naturally. That’s what we’re about.

Check out soccer star Jetty killing it on the beach!!